The World Loves
The World Loves

"Perhaps the most obvious attribute of design is that it makes ideas tangible."

— Matt Hunter, Chief Design Officer Design Council (UK)


The World Loves

is a brand agency working with: strategy, design, communication, and product and service design.


Our ambition is to be able to help our clients with all aspects of brand building; our tool for doing so is knowledge and an efficient process. We have packaged the different needs we see within our clients into our offerings. We help some of our clients with all parts and others just with specific projects.

Brand Idea
Brand Definition
Brand Expression & Tonality
Brand Communication
Brand Realization

All clients have their own challenges that make every project unique, but our process secures that we deliver high-quality, effective results. From Brand Idea to Brand Realization; our goal is always to leave our clients better prepared to meet their competitors and customers.

The World Loves thoughtful design™.

Brand Idea

– Business plan

– Customer analysis

– Sales analysis

– Market segmentation

The Brand Idea phase covers different aspects that help us to understand the business of our client: how they plan to make money, who their customers are, and what the market looks like. TWL always adds the perspective of branding to these questions. Thus, we ensure that our client’s brand will be clearly defined and have a solid foundation to stand on.

Brand Definition

Brand platform

– Brand SWOT

– Market insights

In the Brand Definition phase, the goal for all work is to precisely articulate the brand. With Brand platforms, we can work to develop or revise them in all their parts. In performing a Brand SWOT, we gain a clearer knowledge about what’s happening in the industry. This can be a useful analysis if shifts have occurred within the competitive landscape. When doing market insights, we map the behaviors of the consumer and see how these have changed.

Brand Expression

– Visual identity

– Tone of voice

– Concept development

– Customer interaction

Working with the Brand Expression is when we–by using design as a tool in different ways–start to define how the customer will experience the brand in different touch points. This phase is focused on defining how the interactions between the company and the customer will look and feel across touch points. It can be conceptualizing how to interact with customers, or something as fundamentally important as the visual identity.

Brand Communication

– Communication platform

– Prototyping

– Idea labs

When moving into communication, we collaborate with our client on different tactical aspects. Together we can tackle the creation of a communication or campaign platform, development of prototypes for new products and services, and even set up idea lab workshops to identify a large number of ideas to start testing on consumers.

Brand Realization

– Identity

– Print

– Digital

– Packaging

– Environment

Realization is in many cases a large part of the engagement with our clients. It’s during this phase that we get to see all ideas come to life in physical and digital form. We will start producing all the material defined in previous stages, either together or by our client. It can be anything from branded stationary when a new identity has been developed, to a new website for an updated offering, or how to express the brand in physical stores.