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Ready to take the next step the founders of the company Svensk Lånemarknad contacted TWL to get some help. The work started with a branding and naming project, to give the company a brand platform and a name that in a better way supported the ambitions of what might come. The result out of that part was the new name Advisa and a brand platform, that picked up on their core competence about giving their customers advice, rather than a focus around loans.

Based on the brand platform a new identity was developed. The new identity was developed with a digital presence in focus since this was the most important communication channel for the company.

The main implementation of the new identity was the new site. For this work a lot of effort was put into explaining the offer in an easy way. This was to help the visitors on the site to take the first step in understanding what it might mean to them and finally creating cases show how common these problems are.