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The World Loves


”Update and revitalize the design, but don’t confuse the consumer. Seriously, don’t.” The ”Fem Komma Tvåan” is one of Sweden’s top selling beers, and needless to say an important player in Åbro’s team line-up. Yet it’s outfit on the field was becoming seriously outdated and was in need of a redesign, and so was that of it’s slightly more powerful big brother the ”Sju Komma Tvåan”.

Enter TWL. Approaching the assignment somewhat in the manner in which you renovate an old car, we stripped the can in order to identify and evaluate the key graphic elements of design. We carefully studied each one, and then, in a way that could be described as a fusion of respect and total lack of the same, developed and chiseled the elements that were kept, and then finally reassembled the now re-designed product.