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SEB Selected

Re-packaging the exclusive
premiumcard — SEB Selected

Our task

Customer journey
Concept development




SEB Selected is an exclusive premiumcard offered to the Private Banking customers, but had not been treated so from a packaging perspective.
TWL was invited to improve the experience through a new concept.

Review of information and the customer journey

By researching the market and doing customer interviews we established
areas of improvement. By pinpointing the customer journey step by step -
we discovered opportunities and pain points the customers are facing.


TWL developed a concept that covers design, tonality and content in order to present SEB Selected more exclusively.









The goal of the concept was to lift SEB Selected as an exclusive membership offer

The material had to reflect this as well — from portraying the card as en exclusive accessory to having a consistent color palette, both in terms of matching the card design as well as rest of the communication material at Private Banking. Silver and white give a more elegant expression, and allows the black card to stand out as the hero product.

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— Jonathan L.
A4 Paper PSD MockUp 4-2.jpg

New page template

The top banner reflects the card design and raises recognition. Simple with focus on details.

By using a page template with more space for image and info, we give increased weight and importance to Selected.