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UX & UI Design

Seco Tools is a leading manufacturer, supplier and provider of cutting tools and machining solutions to companies all around the world.

The redesign involved the transformation of, My Pages, and the online store into one cohesive experience.

The new global site supports product discovery and research, powerful search functionality, quick and easy ordering, and a seamless experience across all devices.




Seco Tool's brand DNA “Make it easier” wasn’t translated in their digital expression and the bridge between printed material and the digital appearance was huge.

From small sizes content wise to a busy and dated design experience, the challenge was to streamline the web experience and emphasise the corporate identity.

Seco users are technical people who wish to find rich information about products, services, and educational material online. Seco Tool’s previous digital properties—with their inside out information architectures, unintuitive navigation designs, and fragmented search capabilities—rendered users incapable of completing even basic tasks.


The Process

We got a clear vision of a future design concept after completing a comprehensive design research which included both an internal brand review and a vast market review. The production process was based on the concept principles: Embracing space, Simplicity and making everything bolder and bigger, catering to the design goals of a unified and intuitive experience across all platforms. 

TWL started the process through research where we pinned down Seco’s main attributes and strengths.

The UX process followed a 3 phased approach of researching, sketching and user testing Seco’s new website. Among other things the phases included a field study, building up an interactive prototype and meeting end-users.


Make it easier
— Seco Brand DNA