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“It will fit you”

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Twilfit needed a new brand communication platform - they needed to adjust their communication around their concept “It will fit you”. 

Twilfit is the Scandinavian leader when it comes to lingerie. They want to inspire women and help them find underwear that fits them perfectly by providing knowledge and promote self-confidence to their customers. The knowledge of, and respect for, Twilfit as a brand was widespread, but few people knew what distinguished Twilfit from its competitors. Consequently, to reach new customers and increase sales, Twilfit needed a new brand communication platform. They needed to adjust their communication around their concept “It will fit you”. By conducting several analyses and market segmentation we updated the concept of “It will fit you” and created a communicative world - “A dreamy everyday with a Nordic, down-to-earth feel”.

Parallel to this, we delivered a framework with guidelines for Twilfit’s presence on social media. The framework was built around four main areas which created Twilfit’s overall core message - “It will fit you”. The guidelines for Twilfit included frequency, content, activation, and which channels to use.

In addition, we also created a photographic orientation for campaigns. We wanted a warm, soft and natural feeling in the photos and assembled guidelines for set, models and styling. Finally, we designed, planned and shot the swimsuit campaign for summer 2017 based on our established photographic orientation.


Our task:
Social media strategy
Concept creation
Concept development
Art direction
Production management

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Model: Klara Kassman
Photographer: Sanna Dahlén
Make-up & hair: Kim Ikonen Jennings
Twiflit: Anna Gråbergs Berglind, Evelina Donatello, Sofia Malmgren, Nina Ahlbäck