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Is virtual reality the new reality?

VRONIQUE is a VR Production/Direction studio that has an unique take on VR as a tool for storytelling. This allows them to communicate their clients brands in a new immersive way. You don't see the brand, you will experience it. Both Maja-Stina & Milja has their background in Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and is taking on the VR industry from a whole new angle.


VRONIQUE was founded by Milja Rossi & Maja-Stina Åsberg in collaboration with The World Loves in 2016. The company focuses on directing and producing film in Virtual Reality. The World Loves worked out the brand identity, which included:

  • Logotype
  • Wordmark
  • Symbol
  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Businesscards
  • Webb
  • Presentation templates